Tracts of Certification

A certificate serves as a standard goal and marker that if achieved will insure that you have received a thorough understanding of a discipline before you seek to do ministry in this area. Having earned a certificate will also help others to access your education before deciding to employ you in a ministry position.

While most students just attend the lectures and do the reading, we also offer options for those who would like to increase their knowledge and do more school work, such as homework, papers and exams.

If you successfully complete and pass the assignments, you will be earn credits toward a certificate of ministry.

Bible Certificate (6 courses)

3 Core Courses

Reliability of the Bible

One Books of the Bible

Historical Context of the Bible


Teacher Certificate (7 courses)

3 Core Courses

Christian Ed - Rhetoric & Ped

Apologetics Elective

Christian Living Elective

Leadership Elective


Ministry/Theology Certificate (10 courses)

Biblical Interpretation

Theology 1&2

2 Theology Electives

2 Apologetics Electives

2 Bible Electives

1 Leadership Elective


Evangelism Certificate (8 courses)

World Views


Theories of Origins

Religions of the World

Theology 1

One Biblical Survey, OT or NT

2 Apologetics Electives

Core Courses 

  • (1) Survey of the old Testament or Survey of the New Testament

  • (1) Theology 1 or Theology 2

  • Biblical Interpretation


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