130 Sharp Hill Rd.

Uncasville, CT. 06382


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Christian History - The Reformation


Fall 2019 -  2 Credits

A 10 Week Course 

See Course Calendar for times

Location: 130 Sharp Hill Rd., Uncasville, CT (Church annex)

Instructor: Robert Heder

Contact Information:   roberthederjr@gmail.com  860-949-7762

Course Description:   An exploration of the Christian Church from approximately 1500 to the present. Most of the course will cover the key people and events, and theology of the Protestant Reformation; and how the Reformation affects our present day Church. This course is designed to introduce the major themes, issues, and personalities of the Church;  to enrich one’s spiritual lives and to help them to minister within today’s church.

Course Text Book (25 pages per week): Church History in Plain Language, Bruce Shelley

Alternative text for more in depth study (50 pages per week): The History of Christianity: Volume 2: The Reformation to the Present Day, Justo Gonzalez

Optional Course Assignments: (Required for obtaining credit, not required for certificates)

Weekly questions to accompany the reading will be discussed in class and handed in. 10 points each x 8 assignments = 80 points

Final exam - 20 points 

Grading: The point values listed above mean that the total number of points available for the course is 100. Final letter grades will be applied with cutoffs as follows: A 95, A- 90, B+ 87, B 83, B- 80, C+ 77, C 73, C- 70, D+ 67, D 63, D- 60, F below 60. 

Attendance: Class participation (and attendance) is a vital part of this course, as the Holy Spirit speaks though us to edify each other.

Course Outline

The Church in Medieval Europe ​

  • Toward the Reformation 

  • The Pre-Reformation Church 

The Protestant Reformation

  • Martin Luther

  • The Antibaptist Tradition

  • The Reformed Tradition (Calvin)

The Roman Catholic Response

  • The Anglican Tradition

  • The Roman Catholic Response  (incl. Vatican II)

Movements of Renewal  17th Cent.

  • The Dynamics of Spiritual Renewal

  • The Puritan Tradition

  • Continental Pietism

Transitions to the Modern Church

  • The Wesleyan Tradition

  • The Rise of Evangelicalism

  • Modern Pentecostalism