130 Sharp Hill Rd.

Uncasville, CT. 06382


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Fall 2019 -  2 Credits

An 8 Week Course 

See Course Calendar for times and dates.

Location: 130 Sharp Hill Rd., Uncasville, CT (Church annex)

Instructor: Jerry Beasley

Contact Information:   Kytross@Yahoo.com

Course Description:  This class is an introduction to the Old Testament.  By the end of the class you will have a general understanding of the events, persons and themes of the Old Testament.

Course Text Book is A Survey of the Old Testament 

I recommend shopping different sites for the lowest price.  You may also want to consider buying used.  There will be supplementary videos available on Youtube.com

Optional Course Assignments:  If you decide to take the course for credit there will be weekly assignments, a 3-5 page term paper, and a final exam.  If you complete all this work you will receive a certificate signifying your success and recording your course hours.

These assignments are optional.  If you are not interested in a certificate you are more than welcome to come to the classes and contribute.


Grading: The point values listed above mean that the total number of points available for the course is 100. Final letter grades will be applied with cutoffs as follows: A 95, A- 90, B+ 87, B 83, B- 80, C+ 77, C 73, C- 70, D+ 67, D 63, D- 60, F below 60. 

Attendance - 5%

Weekly assignments - 25%

3-5 page paper - 30%

Final exam - 40%

Attendance: Class participation (and attendance) is a vital part of this course, as the Holy Spirit speaks though us to edify each other.  Attendance accounts for 5% of your final grade.