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Old Testament Survey

It is an exploration of significant background, themes, unique features, characters in the Old Testament, so that our Christian walk will be strengthened

The History of Christianity, The Reformation  

The major people, events and theology developed in the Protestant Reformation (beginning about 1500), and how it affects our present Christian beliefs and practices.

New Testament Survey

Get an overview of the background, themes, main events and doctrines of the New Testament, which will enrich one’s regular study of the Bible..

Books of the Bible(Epistles, Wisdom, etc.) 

Designed to dig deeply to get a thorough understanding of the great, themes and topics of major biblical literature.

Biblical Interpretation  

Introducing and practicing different scholarly methods to able to accurately interpret the wide range of Biblical literature for sound doctrine and teaching preparation.

Theology 1

The Doctrines of God the Father, The Son of God, The Holy Spirit, Humanity, Sin, and Salvation

Theology 2

The Doctrines of Last Things, the Church, the Government of the Church, Scripture, and the Sacraments.


The History of Christianity to 1500  

A general survey of the Christian Church from its founding to the Protestant Reformation. This course is designed to introduce the major themes, issues, and personalities of the Church; to enrich one’s spiritual lives and to help them to minister within today’s church.

Historical Context of the Bible  

Learn what was going on in the surrounding nations and the rest of the world during the events of the Bible.  Get an understanding of how archeological finds corroborate the history of the Bible.

Contending Beliefs/ Apologetics

Classical Apologetics 1

This class focuses on the foundations of the Christian worldview. We will explore what “truth” is and how we come to know it, as well as the scope and use of apologetics and some objections to Christianity.

Classical Apologetics 2

This class focuses on providing an overview of the arguments for the existence of God. We will be surveying cosmological arguments, ontological arguments, moral arguments and more. We will finish the class on the resurrection of Jesus.

Classical Apologetics 3  

In this class we will be surveying objections to God and Christianity, such as the Problem of Evil or the Hiddenness of God. We will also look into certain difficulties like evolution, Islam and old testament ethics.


Compare and contrast modern worldviews with the biblical worldview.  Topics include Modernism, Postmodernism, Neopaganism, Supernatural Worldviews, and the Paranormal.

Theories of Origins

Creationism and evolutionism have the same evidence for the origin of life and the universe, but very different theories on how we came to be.   Discussions include dinosaurs, astronomy, Big Bang Theory, Geology and the Flood, and the Age of the Earth.

Ministry/Christian Practice



This course is designed to equip women and men to be faithful, effective and relational leaders to better lead the mission of the Church.


How to expand the Kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Taught by effective evangelists on how to preach and share the Good News.

Christian Ed.

Rhetoric and Pedagogy – A study of biblical teaching methods, especially those of Jesus and what they have in common with effective modern  methods of teaching. There will be an emphasis on student practicing of different methods, including the lecture/sermon format.

Christian Counseling

Students will formulate a biblical and theological foundation of pastoral counseling and students will integrate the biblical, theological, and psychological structures operative in a whole person model of development.




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